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Client Testimonials

At Gecko we are only as good as our clients’ results and the following testimonials show that if realistic goals are set they can be achieved.

“I started having sessions with a Gecko coach just over a year ago due to constant nagging from my wife, a severe reprimand from my GP and the desire to ski without pain.  Sceptical would be the understatement as I entered the room for my Gecko induction.

Twelve months down the line my blood pressure is normal, my weight under control having lost almost two stone, my posture has improved (apparently) and those elusive muscles have returned.  My biggest downfall is my reluctance to stretch when left to my own devices so my next goal is to improve my flexibility whilst maintaining all the other bits…hmm!

Seriously though, I would not have achieved any of this without the support of the Gecko team, who have always encouraged me and found new ways to challenge my mind and body.  The sceptic has bought-in big time.”  Mark

“With Claire’s help and support I have reduced my stress and trouser size and can now see my toes!” Janet

“The sports massage and follow up advice that I have received from Gecko over the last few months has resulted in a marked improvement in my general flexibility.

I am at the stage in my life where fitness is really important to me and I am delighted with the outcome of my treatment and personal training programme.” Guy

“I originally decided to work with a personal trainer after being treated for breast cancer five years ago.  I needed someone who could encourage me to get fitter whilst understanding the impact of my treatment and ensuring that I didn’t damage myself in the process.  Gecko has been a perfect partner in that journey.  I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been, I have walked marathons and trekked in the foothills of the Himalayas and there is no doubt that I couldn’t have done it without the support and encouragement of Gecko.  I continue to train regularly and still enjoy the challenge and entertainment in every session!”  Liz

“I took up fitness in 1998, training independently but with no structure to my workouts.  I had no real understanding of exercise technique, programme design or how to fuel my body to achieve optimum results.  My motivation to train came because I couldn’t race my Formula Ford car without really struggling towards the end of a race.

My next car was a much more powerful Formula 3, which really tested my fitness and it was at this stage in 2000 that I sought professional advice and guidance from Gecko.  Since then I have never looked back and I now race both my Formula 3 and a 1995 Formula 1 Grand Prix car which requires a high degree of fitness to drive competitively.  My training is really paying off as my lap times are quicker, I have better cardiovascular fitness, I’m leaner and I’m leading a much healthier lifestyle.”  Paul

“For 30 years I suffered the tyranny of weighing myself almost daily, starving myself before holidays in order to look good in a bikini and generally having a pretty poor self image.  Gecko have changed all that!  With regular personal assessments I have managed to re-invent how I think about myself.  My fitness levels have improved, my body fat is down and I feel much younger than my 47 years.

Gecko are always encouraging (without being patronising), extremely knowledgeable and find new, interesting and challenging exercises for me, but most importantly if you asked me today what I weigh – I can honestly say I don’t know and I don’t care – and for me that is a miracle!”  Sian

“I went to Gecko Fitness with the specific objective of enhancing my general fitness, as well as working on some specific exercise for golf and I received a set of training advice that far exceeded my expectations.  We completed analyses and evaluation of diet, lifestyle, objectives and physical ability which highlighted problems with core strength, mobility, fitness and diet.

Gecko’s help has been motivational, inspirational and effective.  My handicap has come down to 2 in the last 18 months and I put this down to 60% fitness and 40% improvement in technique.  Above all I have learnt what it really takes to improve and how to practice more effectively.”  Ian

“I found it extremely hard to lose weight after the birth of my third child and had suffered from gestational diabetes.  A friend of mine suggested that we should enrol with Gecko to help us achieve the results we were looking for. Gecko helped us realise the importance of exercise and a good diet.  We had a weekly session with a varied programme and exercised elsewhere 2-3 times per week – well my friend did more exercising and I just ate really well.

I have now realised that if I continue to exercise and eat well, there is little chance of my diabetes declining, thus preventing my organs from deteriorating and also preventing the need for more medication as I get older.”  Bobby, Practice Nurse

“Some months ago I read that the condition your body is in when you reach 40 is the condition that it will be in for the rest of your life. With that in mind I thought it was time to really get fit to make sure that I could give myself the best chance of a long, healthy and active life!

So I joined Bradfield Sports Complex and Gecko as part of my free membership health check-up. I was impressed from the moment I met my Gecko coach, not only did he seem to know more about health, fitness and exercise than any other fitness trainer I had encountered over the last few years but his enthusiasm was infectious. We measured my level of fitness (including the dreaded percentage body fat) and disussed what I wanted to achieve and from that we put together a program of exercise (CV and weight training).

All I can say is that the results have been fantastic – I have achieved more over the past months than I have ever done at any other gym. I am probably fitter than I have been for many many years, and because I get together with Gecko for a check-up every 8 weeks or so I continue to get fitter. What’s more, a new exercise routine every 8 weeks means that I never get bored and remain motivated to get down the gym as regularly now as I did when I started many months ago.” Gary

“I have never been brave enough to use a gym, preferring to simply run outside.  The Gecko team have given me confidence to train inside and to use gym equipment.  In doing so I have developed a more rounded level of strength and fitness.  My training now includes the stability ball, which was a complete no-go area before I joined Gecko’s Core Conditioning classes and amazingly I no longer fall off it!”  Harriet

“I train with Gecko once a week and each time I am pushed a bit further than the last with encouragement and motivation. My body shape is changing almost weekly with my body fat percentage having dropped from 42% to 32.5% in less than a year.  I still have some work to do but I now have 56kg of lean muscle that I am extremely proud of!”  Helen

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