Young Athlete Programme

Resistance training for positive health and fitness adaptations, as well as enhanced sports performance is a concept now supported by a wealth of scientific evidence. There is even stronger support for this style of training in the young sportsperson – provided, of course,  they are closely supervised by qualified professionals.

Resistance training can and does improve strength and power, running velocity, change-of-direction speed and general motor performance in youth. From a health perspective, evidence indicates that this type of training also has huge benefits for adolescents. 

The foundation of our Young Athlete Programme is injury reduction. Although it is impossible to guarantee an injury-free path for the growing athlete, structured, carefully monitored strength and conditioning programming is likely to dramatically reduce the risk of injury. From here we look at improving wellbeing and performance.

The Young Athlete Programme has been written and is overseen by Aynsley Fry who is an accredited strength and conditioning coach and a registered osteopath. Aynsley has a special interest in growth-related injuries and has extensive research experience and an MSc in Strength and Conditioning.


Growing athletes are not mini adults, yet unfortunately many end up being trained as if they were. In any aspect of S&C you should try and get an individual profile of your athlete, this is where our screening process is key. During the screen we combine our knowledge of sports medicine, sports science and strength and conditioning to gather various information. The screen can be split into two parts

1) Maturation, biomechanics, and movement – This part of the screen leads us to much more accurate methods of training and programming based on development rather than chronological age. In this phase we also use video technology to access any areas of weakness or movement fault patterns that could predispose the athlete to injury.

2) Performance – Performance testing is used primarily for two reasons – to assess where the athlete is starting from, and to monitor the success of training interventions. Testing will vary depending on the needs analysis of the athlete, but these normally cover strength, power , agility, speed, endurance and body composition.

There is a saying that data is only as good as the people analysing it. Our team of dedicated sports scientists will guide you and your coach through the relevant findings. Correct interpretation of the data can lead to more efficient programming.

Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Parents are right to question the safety and appropriateness of their young athlete participating in any conditioning program. But, it’s safe to say, the two biggest risk factors are unsupervised training, and inappropriate training plans.

Our whole program has been carefully designed and follows an entirely evidence based approach to training. Our S&C coaches are accredited and always undergo in house training to ensure a thorough understanding of the Young Athlete Program.

We offer various ways of participating in our Young Athlete Program including 1-2-1 & small group coaching along with remote and online assessments and program design. For more information please drop us an email with your questions.

Program Design

When it comes to program design especially for young athletes we often come across one size fits all program design. But athletes are not clones and their response to growth, training , and competition will vary greatly. With this in mind we design personalised plans following screening. Due to our unique method of program design were also able to offer remote online planning and testing for athletes all around the world.


We often find that young athletes lack an understanding of nutrition. We all know the health benefits of training, but correct nutrition is equally as important. Our nutritional program teaches an understanding of the relationship between food selection, performance, timing and recovery . Our unique approach to nutritional programming looks to empower the young athlete, encouraging them to take responsibility for their nutritional requirements.

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