Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning oversees the development of athletes both physically and physiologically, helping achieve optimum sports performance. A strength and conditioning coach will look to bridge the gap between evidence based sports science and applied training protocols, leading the athlete to become faster, stronger and more importantly injury free.

Strength and conditioning has become a bit of trendy term, and can often get confused with just lifting weights or personal fitness training. Strength and conditioning is a science and should be carried out by the relevant professionals who will look to implement specific plans that focus on the entire spectrum of athletic development – such as speed and agility, strength, flexibility and injury prevention strategies. A good strength and conditioning team will liaise with the athlete and coach to develop a well structured plan, aiming to build efficiency and improved performance over the course of the athletes career.

At Gecko our strength and conditioning program is available for anyone that has an athletic passion at any level, from amateur sport  through to elite level. Its also highly applicable for the growing athlete – this has led to the development of our specialist Gecko Young Athlete Program. For more information on how strength and conditioning can benefit you, please contact us on

Performance Testing

Performance testing is used primarily for two reasons. One to assess where the athlete is starting from, and two to measure the success of training interventions. Testing will vary depending on the needs analysis of the athlete. Normally they will cover strength, power  agility, speed, endurance and body composition.

There is a saying that data is only as good as the people analysing it. Our team of dedicated sports scientists will guide you and your coach through the relevant findings. Correct interpretation of the data can lead to more efficient programming.

Program Design

When it comes to program design, especially for athletes, we often come across a one size fits all approach. But athletes are not clones, and their response to training, nutrition, and competition will vary greatly. We design personal S&C plans after careful assessment of data collected during screening.

Due our unique method of program design, we’re also able to offer remote online planning and testing for athletes all around the world.

Strength & Conditioning Coaching

All our coaching programs are written and overseen by our experienced team of accredited coaches and healthcare professionals, ensuring your training is both safe and up-to-date with current sports science findings.



All our strength and conditioning services take place at our bespoke performance centre in Yattendon. We can also offer testing and coaching out your facility or club. For more information email


Because of the individual nature of this service please email us with your requirements and we will be able to advise you on products and costs.

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