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Fitness Coaching

At Gecko Fitness we like to use the term fitness coach rather than personal trainer. We believe in training the body and educating the mind and we like out clients to enjoy and understand successful health and fitness.

All Gecko’s fitness coaches and training venues are carefully selected to offer you the best chance of setting and achieving your goals.
We offer flexible coaching schedules to suit individual needs so you can choose to train One 2 One with your coach, in a group, in a class or through our Health and Fitness Investment scheme.

“The Gecko team are always encouraging (without being patronising), extremely knowledgeable and find new, interesting and challenging exercises for me.” Sian

One 2 One coaching

Not only do we pride ourselves on the high standard of knowledge that our instructors possess, but also on the personalities and characters of the people we select to care for your health and fitness.

We have a team of both male and female coaches all with different skills and qualities, essential to build that vital relationship between client and coach that is the key to  success. All Gecko coaches can be found on the Register of Exercise Professionals, ensuring safe and effective training and professionalism throughout.

“After twelve months of regular sessions with a Gecko coach my blood pressure is normal, my weight under control having lost two stone, my posture has improved and those elusive muscles have returned. Most importantly, my GP has given me a clean bill of health.” Mark

Group fitness coaching

Why not share the fun and the cost by getting a few friends together?  With your own fitness group you can still receive that personal touch and individual advice but at a lower cost.

Health and fitness investment

We believe that certain things in life are worth investing in and your health is one of them.  The health and fitness investment scheme has been designed for both your health and your pocket.

Here at Gecko Fitness we totally understand that there are many demands on your disposable income and the need to economise is ever present.  However, we feel that good health should not be sacrificed and have developed a scheme whereby you can make use of a Gecko coach as few as four times a year.  This is the equivalent of £2.30 a week, one glass of wine, half a packet of cigarettes or even the glossy mag that will make you look like a supermodel in one easy workout!

As a member of Gecko’s investment scheme you spread your sessions through the year, happy in the knowledge that for a small financial investment, you are making a large investment in your health and general well-being by doing the right exercises safely and effectively with the support and motivation of a team of professionals.

“A new exercise routine every 8 weeks means that I never get bored and remain motivated to get down the gym as regularly now as I did when I started many months ago.” Gary

“I train with Gecko once a week and each time I am pushed a bit further than the last with encouragement and motivation. My body shape is changing almost weekly and my body fat percentage has dropped.” Helen

“train both mind and body”

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