Massage therapy can be delivered using a variety of approaches, from holistic to sports and deep tissue. All of these incorporate methods including effleurage, stretching, compression and trigger pointing of the muscles. 

Massage has a number of physical, physiological and psychological effects. Although it is of particular benefit to athletes and has been suggested to enhance performance, it can benefit most people. Tension in the muscles can be due to stress, whether this is emotional, occupational or postural. Muscle tension will not only affect the muscles themselves, but can also put extra load onto other structures in the body, causing musculoskeletal discomfort and pain.

At Gecko you can relax knowing our therapists are qualified to the highest standard, and are working under the guidance of our senior healthcare team to provide you with a treatment to suit your needs.

What to expect

At the start of your first session, your therapist will take time to listen to you, asking questions about your symptoms, diet, general health, activities and lifestyle. They will also discuss your expectations for the treatment. This will help them to suggest an appropriate plan for you to consider.

The therapist may ask to examine you and will provide you with towels. You may bring a friend or relative to accompany you to the treatment too.

The treatment may involve variety of soft tissue techniques, which your therapist will explain. If at any time you feel that the treatment applied is unsuitable to you (too much/ too little pressure or discomfort) please inform your therapist immediately and the treatment will be amended for your comfort.

We pride ourselves by providing the best care to our patients and value your feedback and input at all times.


Appointments are available at our newly refurbished clinic in Yattendon Monday to Saturday.

We also provide treatments at Bradfield College Sports Centre on Wednesdays.


Massage treatments with Sports Massage Therapist:

1 hour £47

30 min £28


Massage treatments with an Osteopath:

1 hour £55

30 min £35



Cancellation policy

Cancellation of your appointment on the day of your appointment or failure to attend will incur a full charge for your appointment.

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